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Unsignalized Intersection Improvement Guide
ITE, Nov 2015

Subject(s): Engineering, Low volume roads, Traffic engineering
Description: This Unsignalized Intersection Improvement Guide (UIIG) has been developed to assist practitioners at such agencies in selecting design, operational, maintenance, enforcement, and other types of treatments to improve safety, mobility, and accessibility at unsignalized intersections.
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Strategic Highway Safety Plan Development
NHI, Jan 2013

Subject(s): Highway safety, Traffic engineering, Training
Sponsor Code: FHWA-NHI-380113
Description: This course provides applications for States presently in the implementation stage or for those in the process of updating their SHSP. This course will also benefit regional and local agencies who are considering or in the process of developing their first regional safety plan, or updating their existing plan.
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A Systemic Approach to Safety: Using Risk to Drive Action
FHWA, Dec 2012

Subject(s): Accidents, Highway safety, Traffic engineering
Sponsor Code: FHWA-SA-12-025
Description: This document provides an overview of the systemic approach to safety, which involves widely implemented improvements based on high-risk roadway features correlated with specific severe crash types.
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Safe Roads for a Safer Future: A Joint Safety Strategic Plan
FHWA, Dec 2012

Subject(s): Highway safety, Traffic engineering
Sponsor Code: FHWA-SA-12-023
Description: This document communicates the shared safety vision and mission and identifies high-level strategic goals that will guide decisions on priorities and resources to accomplish the mission of the FHWA's Safety Strategic Plan.
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Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, 2009 Edition
FHWA, May 2012

Subject(s): Markings, Signals, Signs, Traffic engineering
Description: The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, or MUTCD defines the standards used by road managers nationwide to install and maintain traffic control devices on all public streets, highways, bikeways, and private roads open to public traffic. A downloadable PDF version of the guide is available from the MUTCD website.
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Traffic Signal Timing Manual
FHWA, Jun 2008

Subject(s): Signals, Traffic engineering
Sponsor Code: FHWA-HOP-08-024
Description: This report serves as a comprehensive guide to traffic signal timing and documents the tasks completed in association with its development. The focus of this document is on traffic signal control principles, practices, and procedures.
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