Local Roads Safety Liaison

The LTAP Local Roads Safety Liaison helps Iowa cities and counties identify and implement data-driven safety improvements by providing consultations, training, and outreach on state-of-the-art safety improvement techniques.

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John W. Shaw
Local Roads Safety Liaison
2711 S. Loop Drive, Suite 4700
Ames, IA 50010

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This program is funded by a Traffic Safety Improvement Program (TSIP) grant through the Iowa DOT Traffic and Safety Office. It was initiated in March 2008 through Iowa LTAP and continues to strengthen communications and working relationships between the Iowa DOT traffic safety department and local agencies. Working in collaboration with the Multi-Disciplinary Safety Teams (MDST) coordinator, Safety Circuit Rider, Roads Scholar training coordinator, and Iowa DOT safety staff, the Liaison seeks to provide timely information and assistance to cities and counties by:

  • Strengthening local agency capacity for roadway safety engineering and the analysis, selection, and implementation of safety improvement projects
  • Providing engineering support for local interdisciplinary and inter-agency road safety improvement coalitions
  • Analyzing crash data
  • Conducting reviews (when requested) for site analysis and identification of potential site-specific and systemic safety countermeasures
  • Disseminating safety research findings
  • Responding to specific safety questions from local agencies
  • Assisting with workshops, training, and meetings such as the annual Local Road Safety Workshops and others

For assistance with your traffic safety-related questions or problems, contact John W. Shaw at 515-294-4366 or jwshaw@iastate.edu.

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