Legacy Roads Scholar Program (pre-2014)

On September 1, 2014, Iowa LTAP launched a new Roads Scholar program. The information below lists the requirements for the legacy Roads Scholar program prior to 2014.

Achievement Levels

The number of credit hours required to attain each legacy Roads Scholar level are as follows:

  • Road Scholar I 30 hours
  • Road Scholar II 50 hours
  • Senior Road Scholar III 70 hours
  • Master Road Scholar 100 hours


The legacy Roads Scholar curriculum covers the six major categories listed below (sample courses are listed for each).

Engineering basics
Math Skills Training (formerly Math Fundamentals)*
Route surveying

Roadway fundamentals
Motor grader operator training
Construction inspection

Flagger and work zone safety training or Work zone safey workshops*

Transportation and traffic engineering
Traffic signal design and management
Access management

Winter operations
Snow Plow Operator Training

Iowa Streets & Roads Conference*
Supervisory Techniques and Skills (formerly known as Successful Management)*

*Core courses must be completed to achieve the level of Senior Road Scholar (70 contact hours)