Math Skills Training (formerly Math Fundamentals)


This four-hour workshop will cover the fundamentals of arithmetic and help to show and strengthen computational skills with fractions, decimals, areas, volumes, and percents. Discussion is all based on actual examples of public works field-related topics and trainees will have hands-on instruction in this course. The instructor will work with individuals to show the correct use of simple calculations and encourage/improve development of new skills. This is a core course for the Iowa LTAP Roads Scholar Program.

Why Attend?

This workshop will assist local transportation agency staff with skills to apply to a variety of day-to-day topics. Solutions to simple measurements and figuring out the need for supplies for tasks at hand are discussed and worked out in an orderly fashion.

Who Should Attend?

All local transportation agency staff are welcome—e.g., public works employees or city/county roadway department staff. This class may also be useful to Iowa DOT technicians, survey and consulting firms, construction inspection personnel, and materials management personnel.

For More Information

If you have questions about the class, contact Paul Albritton at 515-294-1231 or