InTrans / Sep 07, 2020

“A Great Big Thank You” to essential workers

The Iowa Local Technical Assistance Program put together a short video showcasing the work of city and county staff as a “great big thank you” to them for all that they’re doing during these unprecedented times.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit this spring, many people’s workloads and workplaces changed. That wasn’t the case for city and county staff who described their work as “business as usual.”

Since Iowa’s local transportation agency staff includes essential workers, they have continued to work throughout this period, and with that comes the need for the same level of support.

“This is a difficult time, but we will continue to serve. I want to look back at this period and know we did everything we could,” said Iowa LTAP Director Keith Knapp.

While that has included virtual events, regular webinars, and hybrid conferences that allowed for some socially distanced in-person options, it’s also important to take a step back and recognize all those people Iowa LTAP serves.

As the video concludes, and to reiterate, “Thanks for all you do and for keeping us moving and safe during this time.”

Watch the video above or click here.