Single Agency On-Site Training Program

NOTE: This program’s operation has been suspended.

Please contact Paul Albritton, (515-294-1231,, as all the courses below are available virtually as needed.

Iowa LTAP is happy to announce a temporary September to December 2020 program of limited single agency-hosted on-site on-call trainings. These trainings will be initiated by the local agency hosts that request it at their location (please call or email Paul Albritton, 515-294-1231,

These trainings will be limited to attendees from the host agency only (or possibly one other if agreed to by both agencies and LTAP). Attendance will be limited to 10 to 15 people. In addition, the number and scheduling of these trainings per month and per agency will also need to be limited. Currently, these limitations are no more than 3 hours of training, including a 15 minute break, per visit, one visit per site per month, and no more than 2 visits a month for the entire program with at least 14 days between visits. The amount of time needed for each training is listed below and they can be combined but need to remain below three hours in length The continuation of this temporary program will be re-evaluated each month, and during this time of budget restrictions we will not be charging for the service.

The trainings currently being offered in this program include:

  • MUTCD Overview – 2 hours
  • Work Zone Safety and Flagger – 2.5 hours
  • Chainsaw Safety – 1 hour
  • Winter Maintenance Safety – 1 hour
  • Excavation Safety Awareness – 1 hour
  • Roadside Safety – 2.5 hours
  • Low Cost Safety Improvements – 2.5 hours