Public Employees Leadership Institute
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“I’ve already found that the techniques I’ve learned have had practical applications in the work I do in Municipal Services every day. I highly recommend the program to any new supervisor wanting to learn from experienced mentors or to managers who just want to brush up!” —Douglas E. House, Municipal Services General Manager, City of Moline, IL

“We see this as an educational forum for cities and counties who don’t have the opportunity to provide training for people who are moving up through their agency or who simply want to move into other leadership positions.” —Bret Hodne, Superintendent of Public Works, City of West Des Moines / Member, Academy Steering Committee

“While these courses are created for public works employees, they re applicable and open to anyone with access to a computer and an interest in the topics.” —Eddie Loo, Former CEPD Director, Iowa State University

“Participation in these courses keeps you current with new technology and management practices and techniques that are used throughout the state. I had the opportunity to learn from the ideas and experiences of many different agencies.” —Bob Dingman, Operations Supervisor, City of West Des Moines

“The Leadership Academy offers hope for employees with initiative. The course work provides background information necessary to effectively advance within either the public or private sector.” —Jim George, County Engineer, Dallas County Road Department

“This is a fantastic online program that I would recommend to anyone at a level of public works supervision. Whether a Public Works Director, Supervisor or Crew Leader, the Iowa State University Leadership Institute is well worth the time and is an excellent dollar value for communities with shrinking training budgets!” —Douglas E. House, City of Moline, Municipal Services General Manager

“The Public Employee Leadership Institute courses provided me with much-needed exposure to the world of streets and roads maintenance and management… The program was perfect for me because it not only complimented my master’s degree, but it allowed tremendous flexibility that was essential.” —Gerald R. Williams, Owner, Williams Engineering, Rexburg, ID

“All public work agencies will benefit from this program, which is exceptionally informative and relevant to our everyday business needs.” —Lee Perkins, Transportation Operations Manager, Lethbridge, Alberta