2024 Basic Work Zone and Flagger Training

In 2024, we are offering and scheduling our on-site Basic Work Zone Safety & Flagger Training. The subject material has generally remained the same, we have added a quiz and/or demonstrations.

There are 6 subject modules covered in the training:

  1. MUTCD Introduction and Part 1
  2. MUTCD Part 6 Introduction
  3. Work Duration
  4. Flagger Control
  5. Elements of a Work Zone
  6. Worker Safety

Please NOTE the following changes:

  • The training is longer. Please plan for up to four hours.
  • Tables and chairs will need to be provided.
  • Attendance will be limited to 30 people. Please call us if your need is somewhat larger.
  • Agencies will be limited to one session for this first scheduling round.


Scheduling Process

For planning our training trips to each area of the state in the Spring of 2024 time period, we are asking that people show their interest by filling out the form using the link to the right. This form will be active until December 31, 2023. This will be the initial time period to show interest. Actual training visits will be planned for March, April, and/or May. We will contact you about some registration options.

Evaluation Quiz Details

The evaluation quiz given during the training will be provided by LTAP to each attendee. A minimum of 70 percent of the answers will need to be correct to receive a certificate. The grading will be done off site, and the results will be shared with the person designated by the host agency. Certificate “cards” will be provided electronically to the host agency for their use. Attendees that do not meet the 70 percent minimum requirement will be provided an opportunity to take the test again.


This training contains important information that those taking it need to know and show they have learned. LTAP will be adjusting our approach as we advance.  We may start to offer another version of this course for people that just need a refresher of this material. At that time, the workshop above might then be limited to those that would like to go through it again and/or new employees that are expected to need this training. We are interested in your opinion of this approach.  Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.