Iowa LTAP Online Library and Document Search Service

The Iowa LTAP Library’s mission is to seek and share information with local agency professionals about solutions to transportation-related problems, recent innovations, and new technologies.

There are two services we provide as part of our online library:

  1. There are a large variety of physical and online resources on our website, including materials produced by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), associations like the American Traffic and Safety Services Association (ATSSA), the Concrete Paving Association, the Asphalt Paving Association, and the National Association of County Engineers (NACE), and commercial video producers. These resources are routinely being supplemented. See below for the full list of resources, and to request a physical item, fill out this form.
  2. We also offer a document search service if you are looking for information on a specific topic. We can search out and locate online documents, articles, publications, etc.; recommend resources to get you started; and/or assist with in-depth research from sources that are freely available for you.

If you know of an online resource that would benefit local transportation agencies, send us a suggestion by completing the resource suggestion form.


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Non-Motorist Transportation

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Pavements - Concrete

Pavements - Gravel/Aggregate

Pavements - Seals & Overlays

Roadsides and Utilities

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Traffic Engineering


Weather Impacts

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