Equipment Loan Program

Iowa LTAP has various equipment available for free loan to local agencies.

This program offers local agencies the free use of various devices that assist in managing aspects of roadway signing and infrastructure safety. Agencies have access to the equipment for a two-week to one-month period on a first come, first served basis. The specific equipment available for loan is described in more detail below.


RoadVista Sign Retroreflectometer

The retroreflectometer is a hand-held instrument that can be placed in contact with a sign to measure the retroreflection of the sign material. The measurements collected can be compared to minimum requirements established by the MUTCD to determine the need for replacement.

To learn more about the retroreflectometer, please click here.


Rieker Digital Ball Bank

The digital ball bank can be used to assist in completing an engineering study to determine advisory speeds in curves. The unit provides measurements of the degree of bank collected when passing through a curve to assist in determining whether an advisory speed plaque is recommended or required.

To learn more about the digital ball bank, please click here.


Wood Piling Test Set

Iowa LTAP has several pieces of timber bridge inspection equipment available for loan. This equipment includes basic sounding and probing equipment, moisture meter, stress wave timer, and resistance drill. Equipment consists of an IML RESI PD400 Wood Piling Inspection Drill and accessories, a Fakopp Microsecond Timer, and a Delmhorst J-2000 pin style moisture meter.

To learn more about the wood piling test set, please click here.


Speed Feedback Signs

The Iowa Department of Transportation has provided funding for two SafePace speed feedback sign trailers.

To learn more about the speed feedback signs, please click here.


Radar Recorders

Two JAMAR Technologies radar recorders that are available can assist in collecting bi-directional data on vehicle speed, length, gap, and volume. These devices mount to utility poles, providing a non-invasive way to collect traffic data.

To learn more about the radar recorders, please click here.


Cellular Signal Boosters

Two cellular signal boosters have been purchased by the Iowa DOT for use in e-ticketing efforts by cities and counties.  These devices strengthen cellular signals in locations where signal strength may be weak.

To learn more about the cellular signal boosters, please click here.

Equipment may be picked up in-person at the Institute for Transportation or in some cases shipped, so long as the equipment is properly insured. For larger items such as the retroreflectometer, wood inspection equipment, and speed feedback signs, in-person pick up is recommended.



To request use of any of this equipment, please consult the individual device webpages linked above.


For more information, contact David Veneziano, Safety Circuit Rider at or 515-294-5480.