Safety Circuit Rider

Iowa’s Safety Circuit Rider program presents transportation safety-related workshops to local governments and other groups and offers suggestions for improving roadway safety.

The Safety Circuit Rider provides workshops on work zone safety, MUTCD signing, retroreflectivity, roadside safety, and pavement markings. Many of these workshops are given anywhere local agencies have space—in meeting rooms, shops, or garages. Additionally, the Safety Circuit Rider coordinates the road safety assessment (RSA) efforts in Iowa, which includes a proactive review of roadway sites (i.e., an intersection or segment) to identify improvements that can be made to address potential safety issues. To schedule an RSA, contact David Veneziano at 515-294-5480 or

Safety Workshops Offered Year-Round

Signs and Pavement Markings: This workshop focuses on MUTCD requirements to help local agencies stay current. Recommendations for good practice techniques are also included. This workshop is available to local Iowa agencies on request. Learn more.

Flagger and Work Zone Training: By providing flagger training, a transportation agency helps enhance employee skills and helps protect from potential liability claims. This workshop is available to local Iowa agencies on request. Learn more.

Work Zone Safety Workshop: This workshop has been developed to provide training to local agencies, utilities, and contractors in basic design, installation, and maintenance of temporary traffic control for construction and maintenance activities on streets and roads in Iowa. This workshop is available to local Iowa agencies on request. Learn more.

Safety Reviews

Iowa LTAP performs existing or design-based roadway/intersection safety reviews, but just in a different way from Roadway Safety Assessments. We’ll review your roadway/intersection on our own, record the situation for use by others as needed, and connect with you virtually to discuss our safety improvement suggestions with you. Email David Veneziano at for more information.

Equipment Loan Program

The Safety Circuit Rider manages Iowa LTAP’s free equipment loan program. This program offers various pieces of equipment to local agencies for free use to assist in managing aspects of roadway signing and infrastructure safety. Agencies have access to the equipment for a two-week to one-month period on a first come, first served basis. The equipment available for loan to local agencies includes one RoadVista sign retroreflectometer (Model 993), two Rieker digital ball banks (RDI digital inclinometers), two trailer-mounted speed feedback signs (SafePace), and a wood piling test set. Learn more and request a loan.